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  • Don't let traveling be a pain in the back this summer
    Avoid Back Pain On Vacation!Travel, whether in a car or airplane, can be stressful on the body and especially the spine. Long hours driving or sitting on an airplane has Read more
  • Goal Setting for 2016
    It’s the time of year where there is much hope for the future and a feeling of a fresh start. Many people use the New Year as a starting point Read more
  • Mistaking nerve irritation for muscle pain
    When people experience pain and discomfort, they will often first assume a muscle-related problem such as strain, tightness or micro-tears is responsible. However, soreness and numbness are also often caused Read more
  • Physiotherapy Vital to Overcoming Tennis Elbow
    If you play tennis regularly, there's a good change you could develop a painful condition called tennis elbow. Research indicates up to 50 percent of tennis players will develop the Read more
  • Is It Just Back Pain?
    Is It Just Back Pain? If you have experienced back pain in your life, you are part of an overwhelming majority in Milton, ON. Most of us will experience back pain Read more
  • National Physiotherapy Month @ IMPACT and what it means to you!
    Did you know that May is National Physiotherapy Month? With over 20 000 registered Physiotherapists in Canada striving for promotion of good health, injury prevention and improvement of physical function and Read more


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