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Chiropractor Assessment

The Canadian Chiropractic Association estimates that 4.5 million Canadians consult a chiropractor each year. The causes might range from serious pain disorders, muscle-related or unexplained lower-back pain, or general health.

But What Exactly Does a Chiropractor Do?

According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association, they are specialists in the spine, muscles, and neurological system. They have received significant training in diagnosis and therapy suggestions for enhancing mobility and relieving pain. Some people experience skepticism or worry about what to anticipate. It makes sense that people would have inquiries about what chiropractic treatment entails. Here are a few things you can anticipate from your first chiropractic care visit:

  • Checks for breathing, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Tests of reflex, power, and sensation
  • Orthopedic exams
  • A review of your posture
  • A chiropractic exam of how you move, including how you walk, turn, bend, and lift objects, as well as how the affected part of your body moves
  • A physical examination of your spine's mobility to spot limits and problematic areas
  • Recommendations for treatment based on your symptoms and situation
Your First Chiropractic Visit is All About Family Medical History and Symptoms

You will be required to complete some simple forms outlining your medical background by your chiropractor during your first visit. Treatment options may be aided by family medical history, existing conditions, or other health-related information. The most important step is to highlight your health history. This is as necessary as or perhaps more crucial than the chiropractic exam itself. It's important to be truthful. Describe the nature and intensity of your pain, as well as its location. The chiropractor might inquire as to whether there is any burning. Is there a sharp, throbbing, or radiating pain? All of these inquiries can assist in identifying the problem, discomfort, or pain you are experiencing.

Together, you and your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan following the first chiropractic appointment. The patient's age, the illness or injury, their general health, the dates the accident or illness occurred, the cause of the injury or illness, and any additional special needs they may have are all factors that this treatment plan takes into account. Adjustments, which are carried out in the comfort of the chiropractor's office, will be a part of the treatment plan. The discomfort brought on by a number of conditions can be safely and efficiently relieved by adjustments in both children and adults.

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Chiropractic Care Can Be Daunting, But You Are in Good Hands

What to Expect Beyond Your Initial Consultation and Chiropractic Treatment

The chiropractor will decide whether you can receive an adjustment during physical examination or whether additional information and tests are required. The goal of adjustments is to assist in realigning the spinal vertebrae, which may be the root of the patient's illness or a contributing factor in any pain or ailment they encounter. The chiropractor will first tell you where to sit or stand while receiving the adjustment. The positioning of the patient is crucial because it enables the chiropractor to make an appropriate adjustment in accordance with the patient's diagnostic and treatment strategy.

The chiropractor will then quickly and precisely apply pressure to a specific joint or area of the neck or back using their hands or a specialized device. During the adjustment, you might hear a pop or feel a tiny bit of discomfort. After the adjustment is over, you can unwind for a while before getting back to your regular daily routine. Finally, following your adjustment, you might have some soreness or a slight headache for a few hours. With rest and lots of water, this is natural and should go away.

Regular Adjustments Can Treat a Wide Range of Musculoskeletal Issues.

You might be unsure if seeing a chiropractor is the best course of action for your issues. Chiropractic therapy is frequently used for back or neck pain, which are certainly valid reasons to go, but you don't have to wait until you are in discomfort. Headaches, achy joints, and sore muscles are additional frequent reasons for a chiropractic appointment. However, there are other less evident problems that chiropractors may assist with. The chiropractor can also help with basic health issues including poor digestion and difficulties sleeping.

When you choose to receive chiropractic care at IMPACT Chiropractic, you are selecting our multidisciplinary team of professionals in addition to a chiropractor. We can heal patients and strive toward desired results thanks to our experience and methods. In order to provide you with a holistic and all-encompassing level of care, chiropractors at our clinic collaborate with physical therapists, pain management experts, and other professionals. If you suspect that you have issues that may benefit by being addressed by chiropractic care, or even if you are simply curious as to what a chiropractic visit has to offer, call us today to schedule a consultation.


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