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Custom Orthopaedic Knee Brace

A personalized knee brace can hasten the healing process following surgery or accident, ease osteoarthritis pain and promote physical activity, and stabilize and protect at-risk knees during high-risk activities, especially for individuals who have previously been injured. Custom-made knee braces can do more than only operate as a "crutch"; they can also speed up the healing process, promote physical activity, and take away obstacles to leading a healthier and happier life. At IMPACT Chiropractic, custom knee braces are frequently covered by extended health care plans, but they may also be bought out of pocket.

Getting used to bespoke devices can take some time. We advise our patients to gradually increase their use of their new knee brace over the first few days in order to give themselves some time to become used to it. Our patients are urged to wear their personalised knee braces against bare skin whenever feasible due to the grip needed to keep them in place. Some patients' skin is more fragile than others, thus we can offer a thin undersleeve to create a lower friction surface if the skin becomes irritated from direct touch with the brace. Be warned that this can make it slightly more likely for the brace to slide.

How does a Custom Knee Brace work?

We know how the knees work, how to manage knee issues so they don't interfere with your daily activities, and we have advanced training to spot conditions that need attention. All levels of activity and sport can benefit from the bespoke knee braces made by our specialists. Our Registered Physiotherapists can determine which knee brace is best for your specific needs. With postoperative rehabilitation, ligament strains or ruptures, severe ligament instabilities, and osteoarthritis, compression, and support therapy have been proven to help. Our personalized knee braces are made to increase your functional and athletic potential.

  • Four points of leverage: DonJoy custom knee braces are designed to support four key points and decrease ACL strain with active constant load.
  • Fourcepoint design: The Fourcepoint Hinge simultaneously reduces knee joint extension, enhances the mechanical performance of the braces, and increases flexion angles.
  • Comfortable lightweight material: The material used in your DonJoy custom knee brace is designed to make it as comfortable and durable as possible.
  • Customizable features: Numerous strap designs are available to support ACL, PCL, or combined instability.
Price and Insurance Coverage For A Custom Knee Brace

The majority of individuals with employer-sponsored health insurance should have their personalised brace completely covered. We advise you to verify with your insurance provider either before or after your consultation with us because this will depend on the specifics of your plan. When clinically necessary, we can give you a prescription along with a quote letter that details the procedures and supplies so that your insurance provider will give you a clear response. Do not be discouraged if the insurance company's initial reply to your prescription submission is unfavourable; keep in mind that they are in the business of making a profit.

Benefits Of Using Custom Knee Braces

Generally speaking, knee braces or compression sleeves help alleviate pain in the patella and surrounding tissues by providing support for the joint and encouraging healthy blood flow to all the parts of the knee. This lessens the load placed on the anterior cruciate ligament and other areas during strenuous activity and can speed healing by making sure the blood is flowing properly to all the key areas of the joint. Custom knee braces from DonJoy have the added benefit of being custom-fitted to your knee, and being able to support all the specific points that require help for your individual needs.

Can I wear a custom brace all the time?

Our specialists will give you their professional recommendations when they evaluate you for a custom brace. Your physician may also make suggestions as to how a knee brace should be used for your specific issues. Generally speaking, it isn't necessary to wear a knee brace constantly. In fact, doing so can end up weakening the muscles around your knee over time, causing potential chronic issues and slowing down the healing process. It is generally only necessary to wear your custom knee brace during physical activity or whenever your physician recommends it for the best results.

Once you've been fitted for your custom brace and received your product, we can schedule a follow-up evaluation to ensure that things are going smoothly. It is imperative that you are honest and up-front with our specialists during all of your evaluations so that we can effectively and accurately make recommendations for the custom knee brace that you need. Failing to do so can result in a sub-optimal brace that doesn't effectively aid in healing or preventing injury to your knee. Always follow the instructions of your physician, as well as the recommendations of our specialists and the manufacturer.

A custom knee brace can help restore your range of movement

Many people have discovered that bracing has allowed them to function and engage in activities they had considered no longer possible. To stabilise and safeguard the knee joint from harm, custom knee braces are advised. These lightweight composite devices, which support the knee well during daily activities, are composed of a variety of lightweight composite materials. The accurate measurements of your leg are used to create the custom braces based on cutting-edge technology, and are specially made to be more comfortable and well-fitting. For improved airflow, this device has frame pads and air mesh vents.



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