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Embrace Air Plus Back Rest

Embrace Air Plus products from Innotech come with proprietary features that make it simple for you to effortlessly customize the back support to fit your back. Target the precise spot that needs support, then adjust the firmness or softness as desired. The internal air bolster should first be adjusted to accommodate both you and the seat you are using. Then, you can straighten your back by squeezing the bulb. Our back supports can then properly fit your individual spinal curvature at the top of the natural curve in your spine. You can also adjust the air intermittently throughout the day to promote back health.

The patented design enables you to precisely control the support's stiffness and configuration. With the pressure release valve and the easy squeeze bulb, you can easily vary the stiffness. Changes in circulation patterns and weight distribution over time encourage your spine to strengthen and heal. The open-celled foam that is permeable and made in Canada with a high-quality recycled wood frame is designed to last 15 years. The back support is excellent for usage in the office, at home, or in a car. Customers can experiment with the support in different places and configurations to find what's best for them.

This backrest gives you full control

These goods are strong and efficient. Instead of being produced in a foreign plant with subpar standards, the components are fabricated in Canada. This ensures the kind of quality and longevity you are looking for in a back support. The unique fabric wicks away moisture and is resistant to fungus, bacteria, and stink. Our open-celled foam that resists flames is breathable and long-lasting. The overall design was made with the help of chiropractic and physiotherapy experts to ensure they are safe and effective for diminishing back pain.

  • To fit your back, adjust the air chamber up and down.
  • Firmness is fully customizable.
  • Soften the cushion using the push-button valve.
  • Antibacterial and odor-reduction treatments for long-lasting fabric.
  • Scientific studies corroborate effectiveness.
  • Covered by many health insurance plans.
  • Sturdy for use in a car, house, or business.
  • Simple hand-held air compressor.
  • Buckle-equipped adjustable strap for securing it in place.
Embrace Air Plus back supports are corroborated by scientific proof.

Everybody is unique. Additionally, the seat pan in a car, on a kitchen chair, or on a couch will either force you to sit up or allow you to sink. This alters the height and exact position of the lumbar spine's natural curve. With these fluctuations in height, you may correct for these changes and accurately locate your lumbar spine with the aid of our revolutionary vertical adjustment. Always adjust the air chamber when it is empty. This will guarantee proper inflation and deflation of the chair without placing undue stress on its parts.

How long will the backrest stay inflated for?

You control the level of hardness. Temperature swings, extreme pressure shifts, or simply passing time can all result in changes to the pressure. While slight variations are normal, the stiffness should generally be consistent over several hours. It is advised to occasionally change the stiffness, depending on personal tastes. Due to prolonged or lengthy sitting, this typically alters the micro circulation patterns and may relieve discomfort or muscular stiffness. Additionally, it's a good idea to get up and move around every hour or so to promote good posture and prevent it from deteriorating due to fatigue.

Is the back support easy to clean and maintain?

Only the back supports made by Innotech can be purchased with the unique fabric, Innotex. It has received treatment to make it resistant to bacteria, fungi, and smell. More effectively than silk, cotton, wool, or synthetics, it wicks moisture away. Simply vacuum to dust. Use any suggested premium upholstery cleaner for spot cleaning. Ensure that you adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. These features mean that the back support will stay cleaner for longer, and will require less cleaning and maintenance over the lifetime of the product. This means that you can spend more time sitting and less time worrying about your backrest.

Innotech offers a lifetime warranty for the air valve system, as well as a limited warranty covering defects from the manufacturer. Each product is inspected by the manufacturer prior to being shipped, so the quality is tested for sturdiness and quality before it is available to consumers. Innotech maintains confidence that its products will generally be safe and effective for a long time after they have reached you. Properly cleaning and maintaining the chair will also ensure that the product remains effective for your needs for years and years. Embrace Air Plus delivers these advantages more swiftly and easily than any other back support.

The push button valve system comes with a lifetime warranty.

Your posture is significantly improved by lumbar support. There are numerous lumbar supports available for every activity, whether you're standing or sitting. Less stress on your muscles and improved blood flow to your lower back is one of the main benefits of better posture. Having good posture also gives you the extra boost that you need by making you appear taller and more confident. Your spine will thank you for including lumbar support in your regular activities. Your lower back is better able to bear weight uniformly, which relieves pressure on your spinal cord. Disc problems and other serious back ailments can result from the spine taking on too much weight.



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