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Knee Bracing

Some of the most typical joint pain that people feel is knee pain. According to a 2017 study, soft knee braces can reduce knee pain, promote mobility, and enhance "knee confidence," a term used to describe how confident you are that your knee will support you. Physical therapy (PT) and knee brace support are typically used in conjunction to alleviate knee discomfort. Each kind of knee brace is intended to support a certain knee problem. When used appropriately, knee braces have a far lower risk of complications than alternative therapies. Knee braces offer joint stability, support, and can reduce swelling without limiting motion.

With your doctor, express your desire for knee braces. Together, you can determine how feasible it is that you'll be able to wear a knee brace on a regular basis and whether it will likely solve your condition. Your doctor will likely need to write a prescription for a knee brace and recommend you to an orthotist if you desire to test one out. An orthotist is a medical specialist who creates, constructs and fits braces and other devices to improve function in persons with orthopaedic issues. Since custom knee braces can be expensive, you should first confirm with your health insurance company whether your plan covers this kind of treatment.

Benefits Of Wearing A Knee Brace

We have extensive training to identify conditions that require prompt care, and we understand how the knees function and how to manage knee problems so they don't interfere with your regular activities. The custom knee braces manufactured by our experts are beneficial for all levels of physical activity and athletics. The right knee brace for your individual needs can be determined by one of our registered physiotherapists. Compression and knee support therapy have been shown to be beneficial for postoperative rehabilitation, ligament strains or ruptures, severe ligament instabilities, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Your functional and athletic potential will be increased by our custom knee braces.

  • Injury prevention: A knee injury can result from a forceful twist or a sudden bend that tears the ligaments holding the knee joint together.
  • Expedited recovery: A knee brace is typically advised during the recovery period following an injury or surgery. Wearing a brace can promote tissue healing for things like knee osteoarthritis, patellar tendonitis, and more.
  • Reduced strain on the joints: A knee brace can relieve discomfort brought on by knee osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ACL tears, and other related conditions.
Knee Support Is Often Covered by Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance.

The majority of individuals with employer-sponsored health insurance should have their personalised brace completely covered. We advise you to verify with your insurance provider either before or after your consultation with us because this will depend on the specifics of your plan. When clinically necessary, we can give you a prescription along with a quote letter that details the procedures and supplies so that your insurance provider will give you a clear response. Do not be discouraged if the insurance company's initial reply to your prescription submission is unfavourable; keep in mind that they are in the business of making a profit.

What To Anticipate When Receiving Treatment For Knee Injuries

Several sizes of certain types of knee braces are available ready-made for osteoarthritis and other conditions. Depending on how much support you require for certain activities and times of day, some designs let you alter the pressure or restrict movement. You might be able to take off-the-shelf braces home the same day if you discover one that fits you properly. Your measurements can be used to design and construct a custom knee brace, but you might have to wait a few weeks because it takes time to create a bespoke knee brace. Before you take it home, the orthotist will make sure it fits properly.

Can I wear my knee braces all the time?

Our specialists will give you their professional recommendations when they evaluate you for a custom brace. Your physician may also make suggestions as to how a brace should be used for your specific issues. Generally speaking, it isn't necessary to wear a knee brace constantly. In fact, doing so can end up weakening the muscles around your knee over time, causing potential chronic issues and slowing down the healing process. It is generally only necessary to wear your custom brace during physical activity or whenever your physician recommends it for the best results.

Once you've been fitted for your custom brace and received your product, we can schedule a follow-up evaluation to ensure that things are going smoothly. It is imperative that you are honest and up-front with our specialists during all of your evaluations so that we can effectively and accurately make recommendations for the custom brace that you need. Failing to do so can result in a sub-optimal unloader brace that doesn't effectively help you feel less pain or prevent damage to your knee. Always follow the instructions of your physician, as well as the recommendations of our specialists and the manufacturer.

Using knee braces after knee surgery or for damage prevention

Work with a doctor or physical therapist to determine which knee brace suits you best. Professionals are better equipped to assess your injuries and may advise using a hinged knee brace to keep your joints stable or a compression sleeve to reduce pain. Remember that when wearing a knee brace, you should feel tightness in your knee. Based on your unique needs, the brace should be comfortable and offer the essential level of extra support. However, relax the velcro straps or select a larger size if the brace is too tiny or very tight and you're losing circulation or experiencing skin irritation.



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