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Mediflow Pillow

Mediflow Pillow

Cervicalgia, often known as neck pain, is discomfort in or near your spine beneath your head. Your cervical spine is another name for your neck. Neck discomfort is a frequent sign of a wide range of illnesses and accidents. You may experience radicular pain or axial pain, which are both predominantly felt in the neck (pain that shoots into other areas, such as your shoulders or arms). The condition may be acute (lasting a few days to a week) or persistent (lasting longer than three months). One of the main causes of pain in the neck is poor positioning during sleep, as well as poor sleep quality.

Your healthy immune system and overall well-being are impacted by the quality of your sleep. Only the Water Pillow from Mediflow has been clinically shown to enhance sleep quality and lessen pain in the neck. The Water Pillow by Mediflow offers the best possible level of comfort and sleep with super soft fibre floating on a robust water-based core. Water moves as you move whether you are sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. As a result, you won't wake up from sleep to reposition your pillow! The Water Pillow from Mediflow, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, considerably reduces pain in the neck and enhances sleep quality. The Water Pillow is completely adjustable.

Johns Hopkins Evaluates The Mediflow Water Pillow

Doctors at the renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine were using the pillow to treat patients with head motions linked to neck issues when they decided to research the Mediflow pillow's effects on neck pain and sleep quality. The medical researchers came to the conclusion and published their findings that the Mediflow pillow was indeed clinically proven to reduce neck pain and enhance sleep quality. Following the publication of the Johns Hopkins study in the esteemed peer-reviewed medical journal Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mediflow gained a reputation as the pillow that can reduce neck pain and enhances the quality of sleep in the medical and chiropractic communities around the globe.

  • Improve the quality of sleep: For your comfort, the insulated water pouch adapts to the contours of your head and neck. The ultra-combed luxurious fibre is a superior material.
  • Reduce pain in the neck: The Mediflow pillow is a quality sleep aid that offers individualised support and neck pain alleviation for incredibly cosy, healing slumber all night long.
  • Completely adjustable comfort: Water can be added to the completely sealed and insulated water pouch to change the hardness of the cushion. Obtain the mild, medium, or firm amount of support that is appropriate for you.
Sleeping Position Has A Significant Impact On Quality Of Sleep

Your sleeping position has a significant impact on your quality of sleep. The best clinically proven sleeping positions are on your back or your side if you have pain in the neck. Compared to sleeping on your stomach, these two options are less traumatic for your spine. Considering that your favoured position is frequently established early in life, it may be challenging to shift your sleeping position. However, when the new position gets familiar to you over time, you'll feel more at ease. Having extra pillows nearby can help you stay comfortable even if you move around during the night, which is when most people tend to adjust their position.

Customizing Pillow Height To Reduce Neck Pain

It's crucial to preserve the human neck's small forward bend when at rest in order to support the weight of the head motions when standing erect. When sleeping backward or sideways, the neck is bent excessively forward or to the side, which puts strain on the muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders. This kind of position may also lead to a narrowing of the airway, which can block breathing and occasionally result in snoring, all of which can be disruptive to the quality of sleep. In contrast, if the cushion is excessively low, the neck muscles may become sore. Poor sleep can reduce the effectiveness of a healthy immune system.

How to identify minor pain in the neck:

In contrast to most chronic pain, pain in the neck might come and go occasionally for no obvious reason. In order to decide when to seek treatment and how to manage particular symptoms, it is crucial to be able to distinguish between pain in the neck that is only mild and pain in the neck that is more medically serious. Clinically proven signs of minor neck discomfort include a throbbing pain that is relieved by massage or a cold pack, a soreness that does not worsen, and pain that starts to go away within 24 to 48 hours.

Once your minor pain in the neck has been effectively managed, it is a good idea to try to identify what brought on the discomfort. A shabby or unsuitable sleeping cushion is among the most frequent causes of minor pain in the neck. The Mediflow water base pillow is the finest option to treat and reduce pain in the neck. The Mediflow pillow is the only one that has been clinically proven to reduce neck discomfort and enhance sleep quality — in no fewer than three significant studies.

Are there any side effects to using the water pillow?

As long as you use the pillow as intended, there shouldn't be any significant side effects from using the clinically proven Mediflow pillow. Some patients who misuse therapeutic pillows have reported an increase in pain or stiffness, as well as a reduction in sleep quality. However, these cases are almost always caused by using the pillow incorrectly, or because of some other, external cause. If you follow all of the instructions of our specialists (as well as the recommendations of your general practitioner), you should have no issues or side effects from using the Water Pillow.



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