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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Recovery Milton, ON

IMPACT Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centre is knowledgeable and experienced in handling patients with motor vehicle - related injuries. We will not only provide you a comprehensive treatment pl

an but also help in submitting the necessary paperwork to your insurance company. Despite who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident, you are eligible for treatment covered by your insurance company.

Our goal is to help restore your function and get you back to routine activities as quickly as possible. We can achieve it by completing individual assessment plan that meets your specific needs and reflects injuries caused by a car accident. Whether it is muscle or joint pain, whiplash, neurological problems or other musculoskeletal injuries, we can help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What should I do after a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)? 

The first step is to contact your auto insurance provider and file the report in order to start your claim. Once the paper work is done, contact Happy Family Wellness Clinic and book an appointment. On your first visit, we will make an evaluation to your condition, such as severity of injury, location of pain and overall function ability and prescribe treatment program that is appropriate for your state of health. We can also help with all paper work, including claim submission, as well as at all stages of treatment process. 

Do I need to pay for my treatments? 

You do not need to pay anything out of your pocket. Under the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, if you have extended health benefits from your workplace, it is mandatory to exhaust them before submitting for payment from your auto insurance. If you do not have Extended Health Benefits, your auto insurance will cover full amount of your treatment. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you all necessary information in regards to a payment process and paper work involved. 

What are the benefits of treatment at IMPACT Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centre? 

We offer treatments done by our highly educated and experienced practitioners:

  • Chiropractor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Acupuncturist

Our specialists have been successfully helping patients for many years, including those involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA). With their knowledge and expertise every patient will receive accurate assessment and individually prescribed treatment plan. 

How soon I will be able to come back to my daily routine and activities? 

It will all depend on your injuries and overall function. Our practitioners will do their best to help you come back to your activities of daily living as quickly as possible. By doing a proper assessment and prescribing treatment plan that is suitable just for you, positive results will not take long to show up. 

If you have any questions, concerns or want to book an appointment to start your treatment just give us a call at 905-875-4393.

IMPACT Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centre

Milton Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery (MVA)

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