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MVA Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following a motor vehicle accident (MVA) is the process of caring for patients who have suffered injuries as a direct result of an MVA. An MVA's traumatic nature can lead to a variety of physical and emotional impairments. Our multidisciplinary team performs an extensive evaluation as the first step in the car accident-related rehabilitation process to pinpoint every aspect of the problem. The first step in motor vehicle accident rehab is a thorough evaluation by a physiotherapist or chiropractor to identify all of the MVA-related problems and create a therapy strategy to address them all. Depending on the client's complaints, the physiotherapist or chiropractor will next suggest a course of treatment:

  • Functional exercises: Activities to strengthen muscles and restore mobility.
  • Therapies for pain control: Ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, laser therapy, etc.
  • Registered massage therapy: Massage to promote healing and relaxation.
  • Occupational therapy: Evaluation of and solutions to problems in the work environment.
  • Concussion management: Addressing symptoms of head injury.
  • Kinesiology: Addressing limitations in strength and mobility.
  • Manual therapy: Restoring proper joint mobility.
Whiplash-associated disorders and other MVA injuries

Whiplash-associated disorders (WAD), which range in severity from I to IV, are a category for neck injuries and related disorders brought on by motor vehicle accidents (with IV being the worst). Whiplash injuries in grades I through III are treated with physiotherapy, manual therapy, and patient education. Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants sold over the counter may also be helpful for certain patients. One of the most frequent injuries in motor vehicle collisions is whiplash, which also makes it one of the most frequent motor vehicle accident insurance injury claims. Whiplash presents unique challenges for treatment compared to other injuries.

Back and spinal cord injuries are another fairly typical consequence of an automobile collision. These include thoracic spine injuries, ruptured discs, lumbar spine injuries, fractures, and sprains. Unfortunately, a lot of the symptoms and indications of severe damage appear soon after the collision. As a result, everyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident is urged to get medical attention as quickly as possible. The passengers may sustain a sort of brain injury in a serious traffic crash. Internal injuries, inflammation, bruises, head trauma, and nerve damage are the usual causes of brain injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation Involves a Carefully Devised Treatment Plan
What should I expect when recovering from car accident related injuries?

Many of our patients at IMPACT Chiropractic come to us with MVA-related injuries. To start the healing process, speak with one of our physiotherapists as soon as you can! Our physiotherapists will examine the severity of your injuries and assist in creating an effective treatment strategy to address every problem found during the evaluation. Daily living activities and workplace obligations (if relevant) will be taken into account in the plan so that it can be tailored to your specific requirements. In addition to these, our clinic also offers other therapeutic specialties like massage therapy, occupational therapy, and guided exercise regimens. A multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation can hasten the healing process and get you back to feeling healthy!

From the initial evaluation to more advanced rehabilitation exercises, our therapists are involved in all stages of MVA therapy. Due to the severity of the injuries, rehabilitation after an MVA might take a while, but research indicates that with early treatment, the rehabilitation is considerably more effective and recovery is more complete. Our aim is to make your MVA recovery convenient, thorough, and complete. We strive to provide clients with MVA injuries with the shortest wait list time possible due to the urgency and severity of MVA rehabilitation. To make an appointment, get in touch with us today!

Is MVA rehabilitation covered by insurance?

Many rehabilitation components are not reimbursed by OHIP, despite the fact that other MVA-related treatments are. Many insurance provider plans do, however, include coverage for MVA rehabilitation. According to The Insurance Act, insurance firms in Ontario are required to pay for medical rehabilitation costs associated with a motor vehicle accident through either auto insurance or, if appropriate, extended health care insurance. Our knowledgeable administrative staff at IMPACT Chiropractic will help patients and provide services in direct billing and handling difficult paperwork through your insurance carrier. You may want to ask your insurance provider whether or not you will be covered

It is crucial to communicate with the insurance adjuster, treating doctor, and other involved healthcare experts. The client is observed while they resume their regular routine and go back to work. Support is often essential to their long-term success during this stage of their rehabilitation. To minimise the client's out-of-pocket costs, IMPACT Chiropractic will work directly with the insurance company to arrange payment for MVA-related services. The client is able to focus on their recuperation and return to regular function as a result. We can work together to help you get back on track despite the frightening and painful nature of MVA injuries.


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